First Post!

DSC_0446Hi Everybody! This is the first post of my blog.

I thought many times about opening a blog, to discuss the research in machine learning, but I never had enough motivation to start one. This time I just did it, before allowing my conscious mind to realize how much effort it will be needed…

The aims of this blog are two: dissemination and advertising.

Dissemination: I would like to explain some concepts in Machine Learning and Optimization that I see over and over again misunderstood in published papers. These misunderstandings are typically based on too much trust on intuition and not enough knowledge of math. Hence, here I will try to discuss the shortcomings of intuition in thinking about math problems and the need of the mathematical formalism as a tool to solve difficult problems. I know this sentence sounds weird to, for example, many ML practitioners, but I really believe that using mathematics makes the problems easier, not more difficult. I hope to be able to prove it in these pages.

Advertising: well, this should be obvious, I will simply talk about my research. This is what 90% of the ML blogs I have see around actually do. So, there is no reason to lie about it: You’ll see posts on my research as well 🙂

One note: I am Italian, so there will be English errors. On the other hand, my mathematics is usually better than my English 😉

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